Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek Inside the Mind-Blowing MrBeast Mega-Studio!

Welcome to Mr Beast’s Top Secret YouTube Warehouse! I’m here to give you an exclusive tour of this amazing studio. We’ll be showing you everything from where Mr Beast films his legendary videos to how they’re edited. We even got a sneak peek into how much it cost to set up such an elaborate studio. I’m a bit nervous, as no one has ever been given a tour before, but I’m excited to share it with you guys!

Step into a world of creativity and innovation at this 50,000 square foot studio. There are no polls or obstructions, which means they can build any set they want. When I first saw the studio, I was completely blown away! It was not what I expected from a YouTube video studio. But apparently, that is a common reaction.

One thing I noticed was that when you clap, you don’t hear an echo. Mr Beast revealed that they soundproofed the ceiling. Also, there are hundreds of sprinklers on the ceiling. When I asked if it was because they keep blowing stuff up, he joked and said that they’ve got that covered. But in reality, they’re just a safety precaution. You could blow up a car in the studio, and the sprinklers would prevent the building from burning down. Safety first!

The studio is brimming with amazing tech and equipment, which is worth millions of dollars! There are tons of cameras, lenses, and even an FPV drone that looks like it was made from scratch. It’s truly mind-boggling how much equipment is present. Mr Beast shared that their old warehouse was the size of the room we were standing in. It’s hard to imagine that they used to film everything in such a small space!

We got to see the camera room. There are about 100 cameras and lenses of varying types and sizes. There are also 50 GoPros and high-end security cameras capable of streaming their feeds to the control center in real-time. It’s pretty impressive stuff!

The editing team comprises a group of six to seven people who monitor every angle of the video, making sure the content is perfect. They have to set up 40 cameras to ensure that they capture every single inch of the line they draw on the ground. James asked if anyone ever had to stare at a red line for a whole day, to which Mr Beast responded, “Yes.”

The studio has multiple floors of office space, and there’s even a room called “Boobs,” which Mr Beast claimed he didn’t name, ha-ha. They produce videos in multiple languages, hence the numerous play buttons hanging on the wall.

So, how much does it cost to make all of this happen? It’s a whopping $1.3 million! That’s the estimated value of the tech in the studio. We were shocked!

Are you curious about the equipment they use? Do you want to know if Mr Beast uses an iPhone or an Android? Check out our frequently asked questions section for more!


Q: What kind of camera equipment does Mr Beast use?
A: Mr Beast uses 26 FS5s, 50 GoPros, and high-end security cameras capable of streaming feeds in real-time, and much more!

Q: How much does it cost to set up a studio like Mr Beast’s?
A: The estimated cost of the tech in Mr Beast’s studio is around $1.3 million!

Q: Does Mr Beast use an iPhone or Android?
A: Mr Beast uses an iPhone.

Q: How does Mr Beast keep track of all the content he creates?
A: They use a digital system to log and check every note they make.

Q: What is the size of Mr Beast’s YouTube studio?
A: It’s around 50,000 square feet.

Q: Is Mr Beast’s studio safe?
A: Yes, they have safety measures in place, such as soundproofing the ceiling and sprinklers.

Q: Is there a room called “Boobs” in Mr Beast’s studio?
A: Yes, there is, but he claims he didn’t name it that!

That’s it for our tour of Mr Beast’s Top Secret YouTube Warehouse. We hope you enjoyed the journey through this amazing studio!

Source : The MrBeast MEGA-STUDIO Tour!