Discover the Ultimate Gaming Phone: The ASUS ROG Phone 2 Review Will Leave You in Awe!

ROG Phone II: The Ultimate Gaming Smartphone

Are you a mobile gamer looking for a phone that can handle high graphic fidelity games at high frame rates? Look no further than the ROG Phone II by Asus. With top-notch specs including 12 gigabytes of RAM and an overclocked GPU, it’s the fastest phone on the market for gaming. But it’s not just built for gaming – the camera quality, ergonomics, and battery life are on point too.

What Makes the ROG Phone II Stand Out?

The 120 Hz display is incredibly smooth and lag-free, making gaming an absolute joy. While not all games support 120 Hz displays just yet, there’s already a large list of supported games and more are being added all the time. The lack of a hole punch or notch in the screen means that the display is uninterrupted, making it the best way to game.

What About Camera and Battery Life?

With three cameras in total, the ROG Phone II takes great photos. The 48-megapixel main shooter captures heaps of information and produces images with great dynamic range, color accuracy, sharpness, and detail. The 13-megapixel wide-angle camera captures a wider field of view but its quality isn’t quite as high, while the 24-megapixel selfie shooter captures great shots and portraits. With a 6000 milliamp hour battery, the phone lasts for two to three days for lighter users, and a full day for heavy gamers. The 30 watt Quick Charge 4.0 protocol means it charges quickly and can even be used to charge other smartphones.

What About Gaming Features?

The ROG Phone II has a couple of cool features that make it feel premium. The Air Triggers on the top of the phone can be remapped as on-screen buttons for gaming, while the in-display fingerprint scanner is pretty accurate. There’s even an Easter Egg on the SIM tray that says “GLHF” for good luck have fun. With a headphone jack and three USB-C ports, there’s plenty of connectivity options. Plus, there’s a library of first-party accessories available including a second screen and a dock.


What games support the 120 Hz display?
There’s a large list of games that support the high refresh rate display, but not all games do just yet. Check out the video description for a complete list.

Does the ROG Phone II have a good camera?
Yes, the three cameras on the phone do a great job taking pictures with great detail and dynamic range.

How long does the battery last on the ROG Phone II?
For lighter users, the battery can last up to three days, but heavy gamers will get a full day out of it.

Can the ROG Phone II charge other smartphones?
Yes, with its 30 watt Quick Charge 4.0 protocol, the phone can be used to charge other smartphones at 10 watts.

Are there any accessories available for the ROG Phone II?
Yes, there’s a library of first-party accessories available including a second screen, a dock, and more.

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