Can the Nothing Phone (1) actually outperform the iPhone? A review of the surprisingly impressive phone.

Introducing the Nothing Phone One – The Attention-Grabbing Challenger to Apple

You might have heard about the new Nothing Phone One making waves, claiming to be the one and only challenger to Apple’s iPhone. So, what’s the truth behind these bold claims? Let’s dive in and find out.

Design: Masterful, Simultaneously Similar and Unique

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Nothing Phone One is its masterful design. It borrows the skeleton of an iPhone, from the chamfered edges to the flat front and back, and rough camera position. The exposed, spray-painted components give off a DIY feel unique to the phone. It might look like an iPhone knockoff at first, but the design has a confident and uniform aesthetic that stands out on its own.

The 900 LED lighting system on the back is also worth mentioning. It’s not quite iPhone quality, and the glass on the front is Gorilla Glass 5, not as strong as Apple’s ceramic shield. But for its affordable price of 399 pounds, the design beats most of its competitors.

Display: Stunning and Bezel-Less

The Nothing Phone One’s screen is about as good as you can get for a 400-pound phone. It’s a 120Hz refresh rate OLED display with a small hole punch in the corner as the only interruption. It’s also one of the first Android phones without a bottom bezel. Instead, the flexible display bends around the bottom border to keep symmetry. It’s a touch that’s hard to miss and adds a premium feel.

Specs and Performance: Surprisingly Good

The phone’s core spec is similar to a 250-pound device that you can find on Amazon. However, the Nothing Phone One has a Snapdragon 778G chipset, 8 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of storage. It’s fast and stable, thanks to the 500 engineers who optimized its software. The phone may not be as fast as the iPhone 13, but it’s still fast enough for most users.

Extra Features: Sophisticated and Respectful

The Nothing Phone One boasts a premium vibration motor for sharp haptics, stereo speakers, software that’s 100% bloatware and ad-free, wireless charging, and wireless reverse charging with additional mood lighting. It also has an IP53 splash resistance rating and a unique glyph lighting system. The lighting system allows you to match each contact to a specific animation, indicate different types of notifications, show your battery percentage, and act as a light source for photos and videos.


Q: Is the Nothing Phone One a worthy competitor to the iPhone?
A: It might not be an iPhone killer, but it’s a strong contender with its unique design, stunning display, and unexpected features.

Q: How does the Nothing Phone One compare to its Android competitors?
A: The phone’s core spec is similar to a 250-pound Android device, but the design and features elevate it above its budget Android peers.

Q: Is the Nothing Phone One’s design too similar to the iPhone?
A: The phone’s design borrows from the iPhone but adds its own unique flair. Whether you love it or hate it, the design is confident and uniform.

Q: Does the Nothing Phone One perform as well as the iPhone?
A: While the phone may not be as fast as the iPhone 13, it’s fast enough for most users with its Snapdragon 778G Chipset and 8 GB of RAM.

Q: Are the Nothing Phone One’s features unique?
A: The phone has a unique glyph lighting system, wireless charging, wireless reverse charging, and a premium vibration motor among its features.

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